Chronoclasts™ add a fun and hip touch to outdoor areas.

Public time pieces are emotional objects with a long history as deep anchors and wow factors.  Together, we can create functional art pieces that serve the community, amuse and intrigue visitors and turn your site into a destination for the curious.

The reimagined  public time piece will:

  • Have more wow! .

  • Be more engaging.  The computer inside the Chronoclast adds hundreds of new formats in which to display time.   Regulars will keep seeing new displays for a long time to come,

  • Build community.  People will talk to each other about them. The time is an easy ice breaker and a puzzle is a petri dish for community.

  • Be a creative and innovative part of public access, functioning as digital canvasses for the community because anyone can write software for them.

  • Have a lot fewer constraints about the physical structure and the location, nature and number of hands.

  • Have a clock face that’s changed from a single design element into a major subsystem containing a variable number of design elements in flexible configurations of hands, digits and other forms taking all sorts of shape beyond circles and 1 by 6 rectangles.

  • Be adjustable. The Chronoclast can look a lot like today’s clock or it can look a lot different.  You can experiment and even have designated puzzle times.

  • Redefine chimes.