I’m marrying mythological imagery with contemporary technology to reimagine clocks back into metaphysically green, quasi functional objects.

The environmental and other world crises are the result of short sighted thinking.  The sight in which we are short is a temporal one.  We’ve lost sight of the eternities. 

The Green movement of today would seem very strange to the environmentally profound peoples of history. 

They didn’t need recycle bins, organic labels or LEED certification because they had a fundamentally different way of being.

The sun-dial was an altar to the timeless gods.  The clock pulse is a false idol to momentary thrills.

I combine mythological thinking with algorithms, controlled randomness and other methods inspired by computer code to reflect upon synchronization, the dominant impulse of our time.  Synchronization has been transforming timelessness into time and undermining the mesmerizing, radiant and universal images of shimmering and emotionally powerful images that are anchored in our collective unconscious.

The case and display of my whimsical clocks are a composition of surrealism, realism, impressionism and decoration that makes them simultaneously familiar and strange and generates the tension of opposites I’m seeking.  They ask for thought and reflection, facilitating a liminal space where the quiet, silent voice of soul reveals itself in patterns that interrupt and disrupt that synchronization and reclaim the devalued clock as a potent and universal symbol.

The fanciful and amusing aspects of the clocks are accessible to everyone.  Other interpretations and engagements open themselves to individual delights in puzzles, ideas, innovation, design, trends and technology.

Carl Jung believed alchemy to be the metaphorical language of psyche and my clocks use the dialect of Solutio to disrupt our assumptions of clock functionality and invite soul back into the days, minutes, hours and years of our lives.  The changing clock face is a solution of realities and abstractions that dissolves the one size fits all view of time and invites the viewer to explore their own parameters and create a model that fits their individual preferences and perceptions.