Johns Hopkins University:  Bachelors of Engineering Degree majoring in Creative Writing.

Johns Hopkins University: Physics PhD. Program studying gravitation theory.

Harvard Business School: Masters of Business Administration Degree focusing on Business History

Pacifica Graduate Institute: Masters Degree in Mythological Studies


I started experiencing time as a creative writing major exploring beginnings, middles and ends.  As a physics graduate student I tried to understand Einstein and the science of time.  In business school I became aware of the way commerce has appropriated time and my mythological studies introduced me to meanings of time.

Black holes with imaginary time first enchanted me. What if there is imaginary time? What would that be like? Jung's ideas, self-thinking thoughts, boundaries, chaos and the tension of opposites also intrigue me.

I've been interested in robotics and artificial intelligence since 1985. My first computer art was in 1972. I used controlled randomness and computer algorithms to draw patterns with the letter 'x' using the computer in the physics department during the night. If only I had kept the printouts! They'd be collectors' items.

My influences include Jung, Freud, da Vinci, Edinger, Giegerich, Campbell, Einstein, Newton, Weinberg and Feynman.