We're involved in a paradigm change. Computers inside have transformed industries from cars to telephones. What if they do the same for clocks?

There are no guarantees but there are a lot of powerful forces that seem to be converging. Embedded computers are powerful. More and more people feel trapped by their schedules. The world suffers from short sighted thinking. We're losing touch with eternity.

Nothing is certain, but paradigms keep changing. The collectible clock has not yet felt the effects of the computer technology that's revolutionized our world.

Chronoclasts™ represent some of the earliest work in a movement that will reimagine clocks. They won't be the last because computers are enduring presences in every field they enter.

There is a lot of work ahead and we intend to be very productive.

A collector base can help us do interesting work and can help you build a vibrant and valuable collection.

As the owner of a Chronoclast, you'll have an important part of clock history.